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City Releases Annual Treasurer Report

Monday, August 06, 2018 - Posted 9:27:29 PM
City Treasurer Steve O'Riley passed out the annual Treasurer Report showing revenue and expenses for the city for the past year. The report will be published in local newspapers next week. To view a copy of the report, click here.

In other business Mr. O'Riley, as City Treasurer, was appointed trustee of the Filger Library Endowment Fund. Upon Mr. O'Riley's retirement the new City Treasurer will become the trustee. Mr. O'Riley said Morton Community Bank's fee increases as trustee of the endowment fund became too expensive to have the bank continue as trustee.

The council approved the payment application from Mid-Illinois Mechanical for $39,453.80 for work completed on the waste water treatment plant.

Administrative Manager Bill Moline gave the following update on city projects.
  • EPA Inspection at the water plant Tuesday 8/7 at 9 a.m.
  • Interviewing Public Works candidates this week, received 7 applications, 2 have already been interviewed.
  • Ambulance PT Hire - Dan Zilm is back, also works for Metamora (currently a basic but testing for Medic)
  • New ambulance should be arriving next week
  • Full time Officer Dakota Park graduated from PTI Thursday 8/2 - back to working FT 3rd shift.
  • Oak Street water main project - waiting on water test sample results and once operating permit is in hand, will tie in existing mains and transfer over the service connections, should be done by end of week
  • Sewer Plant - should be completed by the end of August (electrician back on the job)
  • Continuing to work on abandoned buildings - International Property Maintenance Code book being reviewed - working to modify current ordinances
  • Reviewing playground equipment with Rec. Board to replace wooden playground equipment at West side Park and Veterans Park. Will replace the West Side Park equipment first since it is used more often and then probably replace equipment at Veterans Park next year.
  • Road work (spray emulsion completed) Seal Coating - Middle/End of August
  • Continuing with side walk repairs
    • Locust 500 block East side completed
    • Johnson 900 block - this week East side
    • Getting quotes to repair section of Library parking lot ($5,000)
    • Patch work on Chestnut until bigger side walk project is put together
  • Received final TFI 2 payment request from Fieldcrest Dental so we will be paying that soon
In council comments, alderman John Marcoline said he has received complaints of city employees and city officials running stop signs on Johnson Street.