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City raises age for tobacco possession from 18 to 21

Monday, August 05, 2019 - Posted 8:54:40 PM
The Minonk City Council approved an amendment to an ordinance that increases the age for the sale and possession of tobacco from 18 to 21 at their normal Monday night meeting.

In other business, the council discussed a request from the Fieldcrest Primary School to limit parking on the north side of the school on Sixth street to enable buses to park for picking up children. Currently, parents park their cars on that street which prevents buses from parking close to the school.

Alderman Russell Ruestman said consideration should also be given to parking on Fifth street where buses have to make turns onto Johnson street. Mayor Bill Koos said an ordinance will be drafted before the next council meeting with recommended parking restrictions. The Mayor said public comments will be allowed before the vote to enable public input that may affect how council members vote.

City Administrator Bill Moline gave the following project updates:
  • Mid Illinois Mech foreman came in to look at the Waste Treatment Plant to put together the game plan for the upgrade project
  • IEPA WWTP inspection next week
  • Woodford County Sheriff's Department met with School Superintendent last week to discuss their needs when School starts up. More to come from that meeting once the School Board meets on their discussion topics.
  • Continue to chip away at the sidewalks and dead tree removal.
  • Need to finish up on the Fire Hydrant out by SMF.
  • Summer helpers almost done working for the year
  • Continue to work on Ordinance issues – 23 letters have been sent out the last 2 weeks. 16 corrected as of the weekend.

At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Koos expressed, on the behalf of the city council, their sympathy to Julie McNamara, the wife of deceased council member Mark McNamara, who died on July 17th.

Mrs. McNamara read a letter written by her late husband commenting on his tenure as a city council member. Mr. McNamara's letter expressed hope with the new council members that they will help lead Minonk into the future and also commented on his relationship with council members in general and the mayor. His wife said that Mark loved the community very much and she thanked the council for their flowers and sympathy in Mark's passing.

Mayor Koos said he is open to receiving applications for city council member to fill the position held by Mr. McNamara.


Richard Robertson: Don't get your undies bunched up... It's already a state law passed on July 1 . That was a waste of time.
Melanie Olson Mills: What was a waste of time? The person writing the article or the new law?
Chad Gubitz: Melanie Olson Mills both
Melanie Olson Mills: Chad Gubitz as far as the law, it won't be followed. The 18 year olds will just find someone to buy it for them anyways. I am anti-smoking and hate to see people suffer from the dangers but unfortunately this will not help save lives. As far as the person writing the articles, I personally think we are fortunate to have someone from the town of Minonk willing to give their time to the community and share information.
Chad Gubitz: Melanie Olson Mills I'm not arguing with anyone. Why does everyone love to argue on fb?
Melanie Olson Mills: Chad Gubitz it was an opinion. Not an argument. It was stating how I felt. It's called communication.
Richard Robertson: Melanie Olson Mills including my time reading it .
Joyce Limbaugh: However, you can still enlist and risk your life in that way at 18. You're adult enough to make that decision. No problem. I, too, hate to see young people causing themselves serious health consequences later in life by smoking or vaping, but I think a law like this is ridiculous. And let's call it what it really is, a way to bring in a few more dollars to the city, state , etc... and stick it to the tobacco companies in the process. What could feel better than that?
Minonktalk: The city ordinance was amended to bring it in compliance with state law. It was not a waste of time.
Teresa Hinkle: McKenzie Melanie Olson Mills you are correct. They will get them just like the under 18 kids get them know. An older friend/sibling/whatever.
Michael Cave: revenue generation. 18-20 y/o will still smoke. but now they get citations for it. Also from sting operations. Something more for police to enforce. nothing more.