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City Awards TIF Money, Announce Appointments

Monday, June 03, 2019 - Posted 7:45:07 PM
The Minonk City Council approved a TIF 2 request from Herman's Body Shop for replacing a roof on their building at the corner of Walnut and Sixth streets. The estimated repair cost is $14,559 of which the council approved a grant of 1/3 of the cost which amounts to $4804.74 in one payment.

In other business Susan Ryan, Assistant Librarian at the Filger Library, read the Filger Library Annual Report. The receipts for 2018- 2019 amounted to $107,711.

The council approved the appointments for the city for the coming year. They are:

Chief of Police - Marc Wright (interim Jeff Boone)
Ambulance Chief - Mindy Goodrich
City Administrative - Bill Moline
City Treasurer - Steve O'Riley
Zoning Enforcement - Bill Moline
Finance Committee - (Chair) Larry Fortner, Russell Ruestman, Lisa Junker
Public Safety Committee - (Chair) Russell Ruestman, Mark McNamara, Jonathan Stears
Public Works Committee - (Chair) Mark McNamara, Trent Ruestman, Jonathan Stears
Food Pantry - Marc McNamara
Recreation Board - Jonathan Stears
Library - Lisa Junker
Mayor Pro Temp - Larry Fortner

City Administrator Bill Moline had the following report on city projects.

WTP Upgrades
    Meeting at the plant this week to review the project and discuss anything else that could get done with the bid coming in as low as it did.

MFT - still waiting for IDOT to approve and then solicitation of quotes from contractors will begin

Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating
  •     Dirt work - clean up areas where pipes we fixed
  •     Man hole behind Budda's gas station
  •     Weed Spraying - mowing - sewer plant cleanup/rock work
  •     Sidewalks
Summer help starts on tomorrow.

Ambulance Department received $500 from Benson for calls and $2,500 from Dana, which has never happened before. So, Benson will be billed monthly for calls and Dana is working to levy more to give next year.

Mr. Moline said he has received a list of items from LaRose Disposal Service that are not allowed during the city's clean up days on June 21 and 22.

Here is a list of items that won't be allowed in the roll-offs:

1) Tires
2) Any electronics
3) Paint
4) Hazardous waste
5) Old oil or fuel
6) No yard waste

Car batteries will be taken but can not be put in the roll-offs we will take them separately.

In public comments, James Liner asked if any of the appointments are at will appointments which means the appointment can be revoked or changed by 4 votes. Mayor Bill Koos said the Chief of Police, Ambulance Chief and City Administrative are all at will appointments.

Mr. Liner also said from past records during his appointment as City Clerk all TIF requests for roof work was awarded at 50% of the project cost instead of 33% as long as the roof has a 10 year guarantee.

Another public comment was about a man hole on Thomas street that keeps overflowing from the recent rains. Mr. Moline said bigger tile is needed to remedy the situation.