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City Council Approves TIF Request & Bids, Swears in New Council Members

Monday, May 06, 2019 - Posted 8:25:32 PM

City Clerk Lita Janssen swears in council members from the left: Trent Ruestman, Lisa Junker and Jonathan Stears.

The Minonk City Council approved a bid of $96,300 from Mid Illinois Mechanical for upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment plant and awarded a TIF 2 grant of $3116.52 to Side of the Road Market for renovations to their building on South Chestnut Street. The TIF payment will be a one time payment that represents 33% of the renovation cost.

In other business the council approved the Motor Fuel Tax in the amount of $40,904.18 for maintenance on city streets. The council also approved to proceed with a governmental agreement with the Woodford County Sheriff's Department to allow the installation of the Star Com Radio System. An antenna will be installed on the city's water tower.and a shed will be constructed nearby to store electrical equipment. The electrical equipment will be tied into the city's backup generator. The installation, construction and maintenance will all by paid for by the Woodford County Sheriff's Department. The council will vote on the acceptance of the intergovernmental agreement at the next meeting.

The council approved the appointment of Eric Aeschilman to the Zoning Board. The board lost 2 members and is need of another member.

Administrative Manager Bill Moline said the city crew will be working on sidewalks and new playground equipment once the weather cooperates.

At the end of the council meeting, a new council meeting was started to swear in the new council members. Trent Ruestman retained his seat on the council while Lisa Junker replaced retiring Nick Caverra and Jonathan Stears replaced retiring John Marcoline.