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El Janssen's New Automatic Bowling Alleys
to Be Opened Here on Saturday Afternoon

Installation was Tested Last Nite; 56 Teams Sign

Text prepared by Donna Rae Eilts. This article was taken from the Minonk News-Dispatch, Minonk, IL July 13, 1961.

Minonk's new bowling alleys, built and owned by Elron Janssen, are rapidly nearing completion, and will probably be ready for use by Saturday.

The six fine alleys, all fully automatic, installed in the former Hindert Hdwe. and Gardner Hatchery Bldg., at an estimated cost of $80,000, were tested last night by a group of volunteer bowlers, and the automatic pin-setting equipment was found to be in perfect order.

Mr. Janssen, who operates a tavern, El's Tap, next door to the bowling alleys, reports that to date some 56 teams have signed up for bowling here, starting this fall.

Elron Janssen, proprietor of bowling alley
It has been some 20 years since Cliff Kalkwarf's Minonk bowling alleys were closed. Minonk had many avid bowling fans in those days; but during those years, a whole new crop of younger bowlers has come along, both men and women, and recently, Minonk has had as many as 35 teams bowling at various out of town alleys.

The new Minonk alleys are the finest in this whole area. No expense has been spared to make them the best; and the six automatic lanes also make them the largest, except for Wenona, which has eight lanes, but no automatic pin-setters.

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Mr. Janssen was born at Benson and lived at Flanagan for many years before coming to Minonk where he was a salesman for Orville Carls in the implement business for some time. Four years ago he went into business for himself, purchasing Mazzini's tavern, which he now operates under the firm name of El's Tap, adjacent to the new bowling alleys.

The alleys will open at about 10 o'clock in the mornings, and new bowlers will be encouraged to come and learn and experienced bowlers will be invited to come and practice during those morning and afternoon periods. Someone will be on hand during these morning and afternoon periods. Someone will be on hand, Janssen says, to show the neophytes the techniques of bowling. There are so many bowling teams signed up that most nights will be reserved for league bowling, when that program begins in September.

Bowling alleys area facility that Minonk has needed for a long time, and Mr. Janssen is to be congratulated for the hard work and constant effort that has been necessary to get this expensive and complicated facility established in our city.

Jack Jochums, manager of bowling alley

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In Rutland there is one grade school. Since there is no high school building, the high school rents rooms from the grade school for its pupils. There is also a gymnasium beside the school.

The first white baby born in this township was the daughter of Alexander Clegg, Mrs. Florence Bane, who now resides in Pontiac, Illinois.

The population of Groveland Township has increased manifold since its beginning, and the township is flourishing in lodges, societies, and organizations of different kinds.

There is electricity and running water on nearly every farm home, as well as the homes of the residents of Dana and Rutland. There are also parts of two good highways in this township, those being Routes No. 2 and 45.

Thus rises this region from a barren prairie to a prosperous township.