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1942: the final chapter

Submitted by Jari Lynn Oncken - June 7, 2017

Nov. 26: Governor Dwight Green has proclaimed Monday, Dec. 7, as Pearl Harbor Day, not as a holiday but as a time of remembrance.

"December 7 marks the close of the first year of our all-out war for American ideals, American security and American liberty," the governor said in his proclamation, "Let us, this day, remember American boys who already have made the supreme sacrifice."

Dec. 3: Prospects that Minonk may have a government built plant for the processing of hemp, for making rope, to employ about 100 persons, many of them women, were said to be good following a tentative selection of this city by government officials and expressions of support for each project from farmers to grow hemp in this immediate area and from local businessmen.

If the Minonk Community High School is to complete their schedule of out of town games several drivers of cars are needed. At least three cars are needed for each out of town game.

Dec. 10: In spite of the wartime curtailments, Minonk residents as they embark on their Christmas shopping tours will find almost complete selections of all types of gifts in the retail establishments of Minonk.

Dec 24: The Minonk News-Dispatch takes this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At this time of year, we must be willing to contribute what we can to the war effort.

Many are serving with the armed forces and are giving their all; others are working in defense plants; farmers are producing foods; towns people are doing innumerable things such as making bandages, sweaters and other necessary things while those not fitted for any of these things, can buy bonds and help in the various drives.

A second application must be made for fuel coupons which apply only to non-heating fuel including kerosene.

Minonk will join the Christian peoples of the world in observing the anniversary of the birth of Christ tomorrow and the churches of Minonk and neighboring communities have planned many fine Christmas programs and special services.

Dec. 31: W F Uphoff has decided to sell his hardware and implement stock at a public sale on Tuesday, January 12 at the store in the Pickard building on the east side.

The first $7,500,000 submarine to be built at Manitawac, Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan, left Chicago in its floating dry-dock last Saturday and is held up in its floating dry-dock at Morris until high waters recede to allow safe passage under a stationary bridge.

Three coast guard vessels are at Chillicothe waiting to escort the sub down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.

The waterway has a minimum depth of 9 feet while the submarine draws 14 feet, hence the necessity of having it in dry-dock for transportation to the sea.

The hemp drive has been rather slow in starting and the organization has now been formed and it is thought that the necessary 4,000 acres can be secured but it is going to take more cooperation than has been apparent so far.

Up until this morning only 1,500 acres have actually been signed up. Every farmer within 12 miles of Minonk will be solicited.