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Dedication of St. Paul's Chimes in 1939

Submitted by David Uphoff - November 14, 2012

This article was taken from the January 19, 1939 edition of the Minonk News-Dispatch

Special Services Will Be Held At St. Paul's Church Morning And Evening

In a special service at 10:30 o'clock Sunday morning, the set of chimes and the amplifying system which has been installed in St. Paul's Evangelical church will he dedicated. A special program is being prepared in which the chimes will be used and the various conveniences of the sound system will be applied.

The chimes are a gift of the late Johann J. Janssen, who in his will bequeathed to St. Paul's church a sum sufficient to purchase them. The chimes are a set of twenty-one tubes made of bell metal, electrically controlled from the key-board of the organ. The volume of the sound may also be controlled from the key-board. They were purchased from the outstanding firm manufacturing chimes.

The amplifying system was installed by Ralph Grampp and consists of two loud speakers placed on top of the tower. The control instrument and a loud speaker are in the basement for overflow audiences, and four loud speakers or earphones are installed for those who have defective hearing, a convenience which without doubt will be appreciated by many who might be afflicted by this handicap.

The system is so arranged that through the ear phones the-entire service, the music of the organ, chimes and choir and the speaking of the minister, may be heard and may be controlled at each individual earphone. Gifts for the system have been solicited for the purchase of this great convenience and it is hoped that the total sum of the cost will be raised by the time it is completely installed. With the sound system is a turn table connected for the playing of records and it is planned to have every Saturday evening for the Angelus, a number of hymns broadcast from the tower.

In the special dedicatory service, both organist and choir will participate and it is evident the service will be one long remembered as a very joyous one for all of St. Paul's members.

Next Sunday evening at 7:00 o'clock, there will be an organ concert in which the organ and chimes will play the prominent part. Roland Buchmueller, an accomplished organist and scholar of the well-known Galloway, will preside at the keyboard. Mr. Buchmueller is organist of St Paul's Evangelical church in St Louis, Mo. and is a very able musician, hence a very good program is assured. The choir and the soloist. Miss Viola Ruestman, will take part in the program.

The program of organ music follows: "Carillon", Boellmann; "Ave Maria deArcadelt", Liszt; "Variations on Puer Nobis Nascitur", Guilmant; "In Moonlight", Kinder; "Romance Sans Paroles", Bonnet; "Elevation", Rousseau; "Finald", First Organ Symphony", Maguaire; "Harmonies du Soir", Karg-Elert; "Chorale Prelude on Nun Danket", Karg-Elert; "Fugue in Buxtehude; "No. 1, of Drei Or- gel Stucke", Niels Gade; "Fisherman's Song", de Falla; "By the Pool of Py- rene", Stoughton; "Largo", Handel; "Nuptial Postlude", Guilmant.

There will be no admission charged. The people of Minonk and community are cordially invited. Should the auditorium be crowded the basement will be added and the program can be heard there through the loud speaker. Although there will be no charges made, an offering will be taken and all who would like to contribute to this worthy cause will have an opportunity to do so.

Saint Paul's has not solicited funds from non-members, however, make it free for such who appreciate the chimes in Minonk, to assist in installing the amplifying system. They cordially invite all to attend.