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Dressing for the pirates

Submitted by Don Sweeney

Back in the days of the old three-mast sailing ships there was a merchant vessel loaded down with a shipment of gold, headed back to the mother country. The captain was on deck one day when the boatswain's mate called down excitedly from the crow's next, "Ahoy cap'n !!! There's a ship on the horizon advancing quickly and she's flyin' the "Jolly Roger"... it's a pirate ship for sure cap'n!!!"

The captain called for his cabin boy immediately and directed him to bring him his red shirt as he began shouting out orders to the rest of the crew to prepare for battle. The cabin boy did as he was told and upon his return with the red shirt he inquired of the brave captain, "Why a red shirt for battle m'lord?" As he was strapping on his saber and his pistol he instructed the boy.

You see lad, that ship is full of pirates who mean to take the king's gold and my ship if they can. My men will be looking to me for encouragement and leadership as I lead them into battle and there is a strong possibility that I shall be injured at some point during the fight. I wouldn't want the men to see my blood and lose heart.

The cabin boy was brimming with pride and confidence as he looked upon the noble figure of his captain.

Just then the boatswain's mate called down again, "Cap'n!!! 'tis worse than I thought, there is not one pirate ship but seven!!!"

Whereupon the captain calmly directed the cabin boy, "Son... better bring me my brown pants too."